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Growing a better world

If you’re growing a better world as a socially conscious organization, entrepreneur, community builder, lightworker, or changemaker, then you’re in the right place. We’re here to share green-minded connections, resources, and ideas with you to help you achieve tangible results as you work towards growing a better world.

Bees help us grow a better world

Bees are literally growing a better world each day. Learn how we can help bees with their work at

It’s hard to say what a person who is growing a better world might need. That’s why The Idea Garden is developing all sorts of ways to help you out, including:

The Idea Garden’s objective is to help you make tangible progress in your good green work. So, if you’d like to see expansion in your business or community, or maybe even some special place on our planet, then we invite you to dig in and experience all that we have to offer.

Coming Soon!

350 Quotes to Live Small By

COMING SOON: A collection of green inspirational–and sometimes humorous–quotes, all carefully selected to help the changemaker stay on track.

Watch for the completion of our newest project, a book of green and inspirational 350 Quotes to Live Small By.

A portion of our proceeds from the sale of this book will go to to support their work fighting climate change.