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Socially conscious writing

A freelance writer for many years, our founder Sheelagh Matthews, is known for her socially conscious writing. She has many published works to which she still owns certain rights. Most notable of these are her green-minded op-ed columns and magazine articles on sustainability.

green writing

There’s no better time than now to start your socially conscious messaging.

The Idea Garden is in care of these columns and articles, and would be happy to share them with your publication for reasonable rights and fees.


The opinion-editorial (“op-ed”) is our founder’s favourite form of writing. In 750 words or less, columns are where Sheelagh gets to share different ways of looking at common social, political, and environmental concerns.

With her monthly In Our Best Interest columns being published for 12-plus years (2005 – present), Sheelagh has amassed quite a collection, many of them on “evergreen” topics which can be used again and again.

Magazine Articles

Sheelagh has written several magazine stories with a sustainability focus. These could be either reprinted or revised to suit your publication.


Every once in a while The Idea Garden puts together a compilation of stories (written by Sheelagh Matthews) around a central theme.

These have been great deals, not to mention great reading, to those who picked them up. We’ll post announcements whenever new compilations come out.


Contact us to find out how you might use these articles and columns to your advantage!