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Be Good, Be Green, Be Seen!

Created with a sense of humour, Eco-Tips are perfect for online presentation. This 52-part series of 15-second animations feature original and quirky characters, all with a lot to say about how we can green our households and workplaces.


If you want to show the world how much you care about the environment and fighting climate change, then consider adding Eco-Tips animations to your website. By the way, these green animations have been created to accommodate “sponsor spots” in case that’s of interest to you and your audiences.



Screen shot of Docke explaining how to green your home heating.

Interested in hosting Eco-Tips on your website? Contact us and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

The Idea Garden is proud to be the exclusive distributor

of the Eco-Tips series of giggly and guilt-free digital animations.