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Trusted friends we recommend

The Idea Garden is happy to introduce you to some trusted friends who might, somehow, someday, be able to help you out.

Their goods and services range from business strategy and technical editing, to pottery and poetry. All mentioned are amazingly talented and come highly recommended, too.

trusted friends

Corey Keith, Keith & Associates

Corey has helped companies think strategically and focus on key success factors for over 35 years. Hundreds of companies have obtained investment and commercialized their innovative technologies thanks to Corey’s guidance. Prior to forming his own consulting company in 2003, Corey worked in the banking industry for 25 years, at one point managing a portfolio of $100 million dollars. Corey is well respected in Canada’s commercialization sector and has held several senior management and board positions over his career. Today he works collaboratively with small- to medium-sized businesses to develop affordable, achievable, business-bolstering activities that will motivate and inspire staff, investors, and customers alike.


Dr. Irene Naested

Dr. Irene Naested is a Professor Emerita from Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta. Irene’s life as an artist, author, and educational leader in K-12 and post-secondary institutions has provided her with many valuable, varied, and rich experiences. Her research interests include integrated curricula (specifically the fine arts with core) and curriculum leadership. Irene has authored and co-authored many publications including three textbooks, namely Exploring the Math and Art Connection, Art in the Classroom, and Understanding the Landscape of Teaching. Currently, she is developing topics and themes from these books into alternative genre such as illustrated poetry, prose, and children’s stories.