The Idea Garden


Helping green ideas be heard

Are you interested in growing a better world? We are, and we hope you are too.

Climate change, poverty, people fleeing their countries, homelessness, drought, flood, fire–the list doesn’t seem to end when it comes to our troubles.

That’s why our planet needs good green ideas and fast! Building awareness for these ideas helps make socially conscious initiatives become reality, and that’s where The Idea Garden comes in. We can help your with messaging strategies so others can better understand your concerns and, ultimately, get them on board with your socially conscious goals and efforts.

Check out what we have to offer…

  • Tips and best practices of the communications trade to help you get your socially conscious message across.
  • Heaps of done-for-you green-minded messaging, all ready for you to use with the click of a few keyboard keys. (Email or call us for more info on this.)
  • Resources to keep you motivated and inspired to continue your good work. We know, from experience, just how hard this can be.

So, if you are a community builder, a conservationist, a volunteer, an artistic soul, a non-profit organization, a for-profit corporation wanting to make a greener impact, or anyone else trying to make the world a better place, then The Idea Garden wants to support your work.

The time is now for growing a better world. Let’s do it together and see what a positive difference we can make!