The Idea Garden

Back after a long nap…

In case you’re wondering what happened to us, The Idea Garden has been a rather dormant lately.

take a nap

Just like all good dogs do, we took a nap, too.

Why? Well, there are all sorts of reasons, but the main one has to do with the irresistible urge to take a nap. (LOL!)

Kidding aside, this much needed rest, somewhat of a hibernation since it took place over winter, has, happily, sparked a bucketful of creative juices. Renewed and recharged, our dormant garden has rewarded us with tons of great ideas and the energy to act on them…like this new website.

Watch as we load our store shelves with “wonderful, amazing, useful, can’t-live-without, and any other superlative you’d like to add” tips, tools, books, guides, workshops, webinars, and presentations.

It’s good to be back!

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