Our Work

Do you want to write a book? Treat your audience to some awesome green-minded content? Boost morale and energy levels? We can help with all of the above. And we do it by taking creative perspectives on your situation and goals.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary background in business, science, and the arts, we are pleased to advance:

  • Suggestions to help you get that book or article out of you, including some useful editing tips
  • Resources for artists of all kinds, from painters to writers, and more
  • Brainstorming sessions, for your business, your project, your dream
  • Evergreen socially conscious columns
  • Giggly and guilt-free Eco-Tips animations, to sponsor and/or host
  • Inspiration to encourage you to stay the course
  • Food for thought about living in sustainable, kinder, and inclusive ways
  • Resources, workshops, and presentations on:
    • how to authentically share your message
    • proposal, grant, and report writing
    • marketing plans, business tips, visioning boards
    • public relations, including media relations
    • editing tips, to give your writing energy, style, and credibility
    • idea sessions, to energize and focus your efforts