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Be Good, Be Green, Be Seen!


Created with a sense of humour, Eco-Tips are perfect for online presentation. If you want to show the world how much you care about the environment and fighting climate change, then consider adding Eco-Tips animations to your website.

This 52-part series of 15-second animations has a cast of 13 original and quirky characters, all with a lot to say about how we can green our households and workplaces. Topics are covered with the four seasons in mind, making Eco-Tips perfect to present weekly throughout the year.

By the way, Eco-Tips can accommodate “sponsor spots” in case that’s of interest to you and your audiences. Our Curtain Call can wrap things up with a flourish and awesome sponsor identification.

Interested in presenting Eco-Tips to your audience? Just get in touch¬†and we’ll get the ball rolling.