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Growing a better world

Are you growing a better world as a socially conscious organization, entrepreneur, community builder, volunteer, artist, or some other kind of changemaker?

You might be interested to know that our objective is to help you make tangible progress in your socially conscious work. We do this by showing you how you can get your message heard, understood, and, hopefully, accepted.

If you’d like to see expansion in your business or community, or maybe even some special place on our planet, we invite you to dig in and experience all that we have to offer. There’s lots of random stuff, just like you’d expect to find in any garden.



Coming Soon!

350 Quotes to Live Small By

Watch for the completion of a project we’re very excited about–a book comprised of a collection of 350 inspirational and socially conscious quotes to help all the changemakers out there stay on course and not give up.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to to support their work fighting climate change on a global scale.