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I’ve never met a more creative idea person than Sheelagh. Anytime I discuss something with her she immediately comes up with a half dozen thoughts that send me in new directions. I highly recommend her services to anyone wanting creative copy writing or just plain creative ideas. I guess that’s why her company is called Idea Garden. Her garden is rich with variety and color!

Kel Good

Business Consultant and Software Developer, Custom Software Development Inc.

Relationship Coach,




We utilized The Idea Garden to help write and innovate on the creation of our new magazine and were thoroughly impressed! We had a bit of a fun edge to our initial draft that Sheelagh immediately picked up on and ran with. Furthermore, Sheelagh had some very creative ways of improving on our magazine and we regularly asked for her advice. We will use The Idea Garden again without hesitation and recommend you do so.

David Petrovich

Economic Development Manager

Town of Black Diamond


I have had the pleasure of working with Sheelagh on several projects that required writing and editing expertise. Her high standards and professionalism combined with her attention to detail ensures that Sheelagh always produces quality work. She has the unique ability to make technical subject matter simple and easy to understand. It is always a pleasure to work with Sheelagh.

Wendy Kerkhoff

President and CEO

Intellidig Research Group Inc.